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Giving teachers and students a copy of their own Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top, is worth the price (which is much less expensive than actual textbooks, and much more effective.) Student direct and timely participation is of paramount importance. Write, Write, Write: Right: to the Top is a workbook style book. Students can also write directly in the book. There are 15 English components that require the students’ applied writing whether on computer or hand-written.

Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top , is a successful program because of direct student participation in the same mode as they will use for testing. Contact Dorrance Publishing order at 800-788-7654. Make your deal today and watch your students get engaged in real learning today

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Thank you for your interest. Write, Write, Write to the Top is completely original and the curriculum we have created has been tested and proven to be successful in the classroom. Watch your test scores improve! Writing itself does this.