B and B Cognitive Writing offers an opening unit of study on the critical issue of Homelessness in America.

FACT: Mainstream media has tied the homelessness issue to mental illness.

FACT: Many homeless are sleeping on the streets in the state of hopelessness.

FACT: The number of homeless has grown, especially the mentally ill segment.

FACT: Big cities are getting overrun by the homeless. Tent cities can be found in all.

Our book, Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top uses Homelessness as an extended topic to focus on vocabulary, notetaking, building paragraphs, story writing and other basic fundamental writing skills.

This is just one small part of our book which is a year curriculum.

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Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top

Main Stream News recently isn’t news. Most of us have realized that achievement test scores in our American schools have been going down for several years. Media’s recent statistics announce a dip in Math and Reading scores by four to five years. Interesting, but what is their solution? Oh! They didn’t have one.

The solution to Reading scores is writing skills. Reading and writing come from the same skills family! Their strategies support each other. Reading and writing both pertain to a system of decoding. They are both dependent on vocabulary and drawing information from reading passages. Reading skills call for taking in new information. Writing involves using information from reading to express himself or herself,

All academic areas call for decoding and applying new knowledge to the subject. The organized approach of Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top Will raise Reading achievement scores and comprehension because of the application process required in creating test questions. All academic areas call for decoding and making logical decisions. This is EXACTLY what Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top offers. The skills are mental skills which we reach out to when we seek to make sense of a new experience.

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Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top!


Have your child/children been assessed in school in the areas of reading, writing and arithmetic this semester? If they have, please ask for results regarding strengths and weaknesses. If they have not, ask for the assessment and require the results regarding strengths and weaknesses.

The book, Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top, offers an organized consistent process to improve basic writing skills. Parents can and should supplement their child’s school curriculum with added support in all areas of education. Learning is continuous and writing is a very essential life skill.

Take the step to enhance your child’s writing ability.

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Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top!

Education was one of the top issues of voters in the 2022 midterm elections.

A particular concern is a HUGE LOSS in students’ ability to use grade level skills.

Organization is the KEY to all aspects of education.

Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top offers organization for writing skills.

Writing is the Key to all academic success!

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Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top!

Question: Can students REALLY learn to write in the course of using your book?

Answer: Absolutely! People need to understand that writing is a thinking process, which in our book includes cognitive writing which is to connect your own experiences in life.

Question: How long will it be before my child can write on his own?

Answer: It depends on your child’s background and natural ability. It also depends on how much they are inspired by your presentation of the topic.

Question: Are there student pages in the book that require students to respond in writing?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Will your writing process interfere with my child’s daily school curriculum?

Answer: No, it will actually support it. What differentiates our process is cognitive writing. This is when the student uses his/her personal experiences as one of his/her sources.


Question: Did you know that you or your administrator can get a 20 percent reduction in the price of Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top? It can include the book or e-book.

Giving teachers and students a copy of their own Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top, is worth the price (which is much less expensive than actual textbooks, and much more effective.) Student direct and timely participation is of paramount importance. Write, Write, Write: Right: to the Top is a workbook style book. Students can also write directly in the book. There are 15 English components that require the students’ applied writing whether on computer or hand-written.

Write, Write, Write: Right to the Top , is a successful program because of direct student participation in the same mode as they will use for testing. Contact Dorrance Publishing order at 800-788-7654. Make your deal today and watch your students get engaged in real learning today

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Thank you for your interest. Write, Write, Write to the Top is completely original and the curriculum we have created has been tested and proven to be successful in the classroom. Watch your test scores improve! Writing itself does this.